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Here you can find high-quality outdoor clothes for your child from Scandinavian brands and T-shirts, pants and socks with well-known animated characters.

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This practical and versatile Jonathan softshell jacket is perfect for an outdoorsy, active kid! It is also a great choice for the unpredictable fall weathers. Softshell is a convenient and comfortable choice for a child's everyday life, even when it gets a bit colder. The recycled fleece lining provides extra warmth and there is room for a thermal layer if needed.

SKU: S6028tsininen ,   Delivery time: 7-10
47,95 €
SKU: 50265-110 ,   Delivery time: 4 days
89,97 € (50%)
179,95 €

These Jonathan softshell mittens are a great choice for fall outings, when the weather might change unpredictably. They are comfortable and practical. The softshell material provides good protection from moisture and wind, making these mittens well-suited to the unpredictable weather conditions of fall.

SKU: S6076vvihreä ,   Delivery time: 7-10
9,95 €
SKU: W6004 ,   Delivery time: 2
26,48 € (50%)
52,95 €
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279,95 €

Softshell trousers are a must during spring and fall! They are comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Softshell is breathable, waterproof and provides protection against wind. That's why these pants are great for many kinds of outdoor activities. These pants also feature a convenient zipper pocket for little treasures.

SKU: S6031-pink ,   Delivery time: 7 - 10
39,95 €