Reima Repair Kit

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The Reima repair kit lets you mend holes in any waterproof outerwear easily without sewing. The kit also contains several other spare parts that come in handy when kids really put their outerwear to the test. A must-have for anyone who agrees that our favourite clothes deserve a second (and third, and fourth!) chance.

Easy waterproof mending: The reflective patch material by 3M suits garments of any colour, and you can cut out the patch in any shape you like – the rounder you cut the corners, the better the patch will stick. New durable foot loops: The silicone foot loops are an easy replacement for worn-out silicone or textile foot loops. With the help of the four buttons in the kit, you can also add foot loops to pants or one-pieces that don’t have foot loops yet. Elastic for adjustment: The kit contains a length of elastic band that you can use as spare foot loops, or as size adjustment at the waist of any garment. By cutting a suitable length, fastening the other end to the garment and adding a button for adjustment, you can add fit anywhere you need it. The cure for a missing snap: Your local shoe mender can use the extra snap button in the kit to replace any lost snap in your kids’ outerwear. Contents: Reflective sticker material, 148 mm x 210 mm, One snap button (4 components), Black elastic band with buttonholes (40 cm), 1 pair of transparent Reima silicone foot loops, 4 transparent buttons.

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